Welcome to Studio Blackwater: Art for Superheroes

20 years ago, a small, blonde haired girl scribbled diligently on the bus to school. She was always drawing; she especially seemed to love dinosaurs. She had a home life that was beginning to unravel at the seams, was constantly made fun of in school, and believed that the best thing in the world was something that could never be taken away from her: the ability to create.

Fast forward to today; I’m not a small blonde haired girl anymore, but my love for drawing (and dinosaurs) hasn’t changed. I couldn’t be happier to announce the official opening of Studio Blackwater. My love for creating artwork on many different levels has turned into a sort of therapy throughout the years, and I am excited to share it with you. These drawings, blog posts, stories, etc., represent hours of my life that I have dedicated to bringing my thoughts, dreams, fears, hopes and inspirations into a visual reality.

Keep an eye on this space for more blog posts, and I will be updating this page with artwork as I can! I would like to say a special thanks to Laura Eggleston, the talent behind the design of this site; without her, this would not be possible.