30 Days, Day 2: My Fake Autobiography

Day 2: Write the autobiography of the life you weren’t brave enough to live.

Sara Mosher was born in Upstate NY in 1986. After graduating from high school in 2004, she pursued her dream of becoming a field paleontologist, and graduated from Pennsylvania University with a doctorate in Paleontology. Dr. Mosher began her journey into the world of paleontology in 2010, traveling to Wyoming before moving on to Colorado, Utah and Arizona. As her experience grew, so did her influence in her field, and in 2015, she traveled to the Chicxulub Crater on the Yucatan Peninsula and explored the various cenotes and other geographical features.

In 2026, Sara accidentally discovered a new species of dinosaur almost identical to a triceratops and was given the honor of naming the animal. However, in recent years, Sara had taken to drinking strong whiskey on the night of particularly important events, and the gigantic species of ceratopsid was inexplicably named “Jeff Goldblum”.

In late 2034, Sara retired from the field of paleontology and pursued a different passion; art. Opening a studio in downtown Manhattan in November of 2034, she invited area families to come and create pieces to be sold to the public. In early 2035, Sara was invited to speak at the American Museum of Natural History about her collection titled, “I’m a Dinosaur”, a metaphorical mixed-media series that depicts elderly people as actual dinosaurs.

Throughout the following years, Sara developed a specialized program for at-risk youth that included defensive creation classes, therapeutic painting, and donation-funded aid. In 2056, at the age of 70 years old, Sara said farewell to her charity organization, leaving it in the capable hands of the local community.

What happens next is a mystery. Records show that Sara boarded a plane bound for the Maldives; but no records indicate that she arrived. All that remains are the whispers of locals who talk about an elderly woman with short, spiky grey hair who hums as she sits on the beach until sunset, quietly looking at a picture of an unknown man with blonde hair and blue eyes.