30 Days 2017, Day 1: Dylan’s Perspective

Day 1: Describe yourself from your pet’s point of view.

 For this one, I’ll be using the love of my life, my 10 year old tabby cat Dylan.

Hi, my name is Dylan-or at least, that’s what my person(s) call me. That didn’t use to be my name, but I don’t think much about that other time from before my people. I don’t like to think of a time before my best friend.

My best friend is very tall, so much bigger than me that sometimes I don’t think she even sees me. The other people call her “Mommy” or “Sara” or sometimes “Jesus Christ”, but they speak loudly when they call my person that. I know everything about my person. She likes to wash her face in the morning, and sometimes I help by sitting and yelling at her until she pets me. She is always in a hurry after she wakes up from her long sleep-sometimes she runs right past me without saying hello! I don’t mind. I remind her to say “hi” to me by walking right in front of her as slowly as possible.

She always leaves me while the sun is up, but I don’t care. While she’s gone, I like to sleep in her pile of weird skins that she keeps in a big white thing that she calls a “get out of my laundry basket”. Have you ever seen a person take off their skin before? It is truly strange. Underneath her skin she is very bright.

At night, after she puts her kittens to bed, she likes to come to her cave and she talks to me. We talk about everything. Sometimes she is so happy that she kisses me on top of my head. Sometimes she is sad, and we sit together quietly and look at the window, or the things she makes with her hands on the wall. In those moments, she will softly rub my nose, my ears and my back, and I purr because I know it makes her feel better. Then, she will always take my face in her hands and tell me that I’m her most handsome boy, and she always says “thank you for listening to me”. We are best friends.

Then, she will go to bed. I like to jump up to tuck her in, and then I get down. But then, sometimes I change my mind, and I get back up! But then I get down. But then her head looks so comfortable, that I jump back up! I do this a few times because, I can’t remember if I already jumped or not. Then she talks really loud and tells me to get out before she makes me into a pair of slippers, whatever that means. I think it means she loves me and wants me to do this every night until I die. So I will. Because we are best friends.