Writing Portfolio

There is something incredibly satisfying about creating your own reality.

That is why I started to write. When I was younger, I couldn’t understand the reality I was living; there was too much turmoil, too many things I struggled with. Along with drawing, I loved to write stories that I could lose myself in. Stories about dragons and mythical creatures, faraway places and incredible bravery took up much of my free time.

Stories have come and gone through the years; most people have never read my fictional works. I am currently working on a few works of fiction-I’ll keep this space updated with the titles and synopsis of each. Don’t be surprised if you begin to read something I write, and it magically disappears-sometimes, an idea only works for so long.


A young veteran with severe PTSD battles his symptoms as he is drawn into a domestic war against his will. Mysterious as they are cunning, his new team rallies around him until he faces the most intense betrayal of his life, thrusting him back into his internal nightmares.

Grey Valkyrie Rising

A little girl named Valkyrie makes an outrageous wish that comes true after her mother dies in a tragic accident. Follow her through the turmoils of her life as she is forced to reconcile with the fear she has brought to life.

I will typically release my work chapter by chapter; I hope you enjoy taking a peek into my imagination through my work.