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2020 Update

I went through a little bit of an artist rut over the past 5 months, but I’m back in my studio creating, and it feels good. I’ve got a few projects in the works, including written and video tutorials on how to make your own glitter and resin tumbler, an easy beginner fluid art tutorial, … Read More

July Update

This summer is FLYING by. It was only just June, when school was letting out and I was teary-eyed, watching our oldest daughter graduate from elementary school. Then, I blinked, and suddenly it’s almost the middle of July. This month I’ve been sort of adrift. I think my brain is just tired. That’s the funny … Read More

June Update

I’m not really sure where the year has gone, or the last three months-I realized just now that it’s been three months since I posted on my blog! Life has been very busy between work, my family, my studio and other responsibilities, and my creative juices have been pretty bland lately. This month, I’ll be … Read More

Tarot Tuesday: Judgment Day

I’m really good at reading people. I know when people are lying by the little ways their eyes twitch, the subtle change in the their facial muscles, or the way they fidget with their hands. Body language says a lot. And, to the detriment of many friendships and family relationships over the past few years, … Read More

Product Focus: Unicorn SPiT

I really love fluid art. Abstract art in general is relaxing to me, and fluid art is just accessible. My mind gets the relationship between the colors and understands the flow. This being said, things started to get a little stale for me in the fluid art department towards the end of 2018. I had … Read More

Tarot Tuesday: Finding Focus

My mind is a busy, shiny, loud garbage dump. I have so many thoughts, goals, dreams…pieces of art I’d like to create, stories I want to write, dreams for my beautiful daughters and husband, etc. A few years ago, I’d have described my mind as more of a black hole of dreamless waste, so honestly, … Read More

Tarot Tuesday: First Edition

Here it is, as promised, my new weekly feature…Tarot Tuesday! About six months ago, I downloaded a very cool app called Golden Thread Tarot. Why did I, a very non-spiritual, life-is-based-on-science kind of person download a tarot card app? Boredom. I was scrolling through the Google Play Store and bam; Golden Thread Tarot popped up … Read More

January Update: What’s Happening at Studio Blackwater

January is almost over, which seems strange to me since I’m pretty sure it just started. I am working on a ton of new content, including reviews, tutorials, and general opinion pieces-I’m also working on launching something BIG. Since I’m really bad at building up suspense, let’s just dive into the big thing right off … Read More