Tarot Tuesday: Finding Focus

My mind is a busy, shiny, loud garbage dump.

I have so many thoughts, goals, dreams…pieces of art I’d like to create, stories I want to write, dreams for my beautiful daughters and husband, etc. A few years ago, I’d have described my mind as more of a black hole of dreamless waste, so honestly, this new garbage dump condition is really welcome.

With all of this newly found inspiration, I’ve encountered a new and welcome problem: I can’t focus. I’ve never had this issue before, because I never allowed the creative side of myself to come to the forefront of my personality. Now that I don’t try to suppress my creativity, I’m constantly bouncing from idea to idea…which has proven to be a big obstacle when it actually gets down to creating something.

So, this week I decided to focus on, well, finding focus.

Lots of takeaways from this week’s reading.

Question: How can I improve my focus?

Card #1: Seven of Pentacles

Keywords: Patience, Investment, Sustainability

My Interpretation: Even as recently as this morning, I’ve started laying the groundwork for some long-term plans; something I’m not really use to doing. This card talks about staying the course, and focusing on these long term goals – I’m investing in my future currently, and I need to realize that these aren’t goals that will bring me a lot of success now. The point is to cultivate them until they’re ready to be harvested in the future.

Card #2: Knight of Wands

Keywords: Ambition, Risk Taker, Action Oriented

My Interpretation: My passion for my future is enormous, and again; this isn’t something I’ve ever felt before. Now that I’m starting to see the promise of a future I have control over, I’m losing focus by grasping for every opportunity that comes my way. I have to avoid wandering off the path that I’m laying to pursue glittering dead end roads.

Card #3: VII. The Chariot (Reversed)

Keywords: Directionless, Off Course, Roaming

My Interpretation: I can be so set in the way I think something should be, that I don’t realize my own tunnel vision can take me into a ditch. In order to successfully pursue my goals, I need to get in touch with exactly what my main goals are, and determine small steps I can take to achieve them.

Overall Thoughts

This reading really got me thinking. Am I honoring the goals I set for myself, or getting too over-stimulated by the promise of short-term success, which is detrimental to my timeline in meeting my goals. I think the best way to get back on track and find my focus is to make a list. This seems really simple, but for me, seeing a plan in writing makes it firm and concrete. I find that it’s easier for me to focus on tasks if I have them clearly laid out with a viable plan of how to reach them, since my mind focuses on facts.

Did this apply to me? Yes. Will I implement what I learned from this reading? Also yes. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times; tarot as a psychological tool can be extremely useful in helping a person to think outside their normal box. I think that this helpfulness has a lot to do with synchronicity, or our mind’s tendency to find meaningful coincidences in the world around us. I believe that instead of chalking synchronicity up to a random “weirdness” in the hard-wiring of our brain, it can be leveraged to help solve problems in a unique way.

More research is needed on this though, and I’m fascinated by the topic; so I’m going to be doing some tarot readings on a few friends and family to see if synchronicity really can be used in problem solving. Thanks for tuning in for another Tarot Tuesday!

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