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Inside the Artist’s Mind

The night I created this piece, I was not in a good place. Overwhelmed by family drama, I was determined to create a beautiful piece to continue in a series of handcrafted soap-inspired swirls. I didn’t succeed. My frustration mounted and finally, I swiped the canvas with a paper towel, spreading the autumn jewel toned … Read More

Room Temperature Process

Inspired by friends who make beautifully intricate designs on their magnificent handcrafted soap, I created this 5″ x 7″ canvas with acrylic paint. … Read More

The Concerned Septipus

This little friend was the result of my first adventure into acrylic dirty pouring. With this technique, acrylic paint is mixed with a medium to promote fluidity, and then layered in a cup and poured onto the piece. Once poured, it can be swirled or moved by tilting the canvas. To get the desired cells … Read More