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Come THROUGH metallics!

I really love fluid art. Abstract art in general is relaxing to me, and fluid art is just accessible. My mind gets the relationship between the colors and understands the flow.

This being said, things started to get a little stale for me in the fluid art department towards the end of 2018. I had been using acrylic paints for about a year and a half, and enjoyed the process, but it was getting monotonous. Then, Unicorn SPiT and ARTiSTiC ViVATiONS popped up on my radar.

What is it?

Unicorn SPiT is a gel stain that can be used for a ton of different projects – I use it for pouring and staining, and I’ve seen some very creative people use it to dye their hair. The non-toxic, pleasantly scented, highly pigmented SPiT is kind of a miracle product that can be something of an artist’s Swiss Army Knife in the studio.

Color Variants & Color Quality

There are a few different types of Unicorn SPiT on the market; I’ve tested out the standard SPiT, the Sparkling SPiT, and the METALLiCS by ARTiSTiC ViVATiONS. My absolutely favorites are Navajo Jewel, a rich teal, and Zeus, an equally rich gold.

The color quality is fantastic with these products. I know that the cliche “a little goes a long way” is overused in our artistic community, but it’s true. Per 3 ounces of Floetrol, I only need about a half ounce of SPiT, if that. SPiT is super pigmented and already pretty fluid, so you can really get creative with your ratios to make your bottle last.

Use in Fluid Art

My favorite application for SPiT so far is in my fluid art! You can use SPiT in any medium you’re already using for your acrylic pours ( I use Floetrol). The colors are vibrant and I haven’t noticed any darkening when used with Floetrol – I plan on testing the colors out with GAC800 in the future, which I have never had good luck with in terms of darkness.

Use in Resin

So lippy.

I’ve also tinted both EnviroTex Lite and Pro Marine Supplies resin with SPiT and found that a few drops in a 3 ounce cup develops a deep, opaque color. The only downfall is that I noticed a little bit of separation in the white, White Ning, when blown with a straw – that could have been the SPiT, or well…my spit. Sometimes a little saliva sneaks down the straw during a manual blow. Don’t tell me you haven’t been there!


This product is so easy to use as a stain! Recently, I purchased a few inexpensive wooden trays from AC Moore and decided that they needed a little bit of color on the outside. I took a small amount of Weathered Daydream (grey SPiT) on a clean paper towel and firmly rubbed the SPiT on in a circular motion. By gently buffing the color into the wood, the grain pattern still stands out under a soft curtain of vibrant color.

Obviously this means I need to SPiT on every piece of furniture in my house now, right?


Here’s the thing about sealing SPiT; you can’t use a water based sealant. If you’re already into acrylic pouring, you might be use to sealing your pieces with Polycrylic, but you cannot use this on SPiT or it will reactivate it, causing a big mess for you! Instead, you’ll want to grab an oil based sealant like Polyurethane.

My difficulty has been with pieces where I used both SPiT and acrylic paint. In this case, since you can’t seal acrylic with Polyurethane and you can’t seal SPiT with Polycrylic, I’d recommend going straight to resin. Resin is safe to use on both SPiT and acrylic, so you can seal them both without worrying that one of the products will yellow or reconstitute.

Final Thoughts

Now, if I could just paint detailed animals.

Michelle Nicole, the creator of Unicorn SPiT and ARTiSTiC ViVATiONS, has created a fantastic product that is a great addition to any fluid artist’s arsenal. Not only can you create beautiful pieces using fluid art techniques, but you can also use the products to enhance your pours by staining a frame or tray for them.  I’ve been testing SPiT a few times per week since December, and I definitely recommend it to anyone that wants a highly pigmented item at a reasonable price.

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