January Update: What’s Happening at Studio Blackwater

January is almost over, which seems strange to me since I’m pretty sure it just started.

I am working on a ton of new content, including reviews, tutorials, and general opinion pieces-I’m also working on launching something BIG.

Since I’m really bad at building up suspense, let’s just dive into the big thing right off the bat.

The Grey Horse Project

You aren’t alone, I’m here for you. That seems like such a simple statement, doesn’t it? Those seven words are powerful though. To someone who is depressed, feeling alone and hopeless, knowing that another person is there, standing alongside them, that can mean the difference between a ray of hope or a continued stay in the darkness.

The Grey Horse Project will pair those who are depressed and looking for a friend with an ally who will check in with them daily via WhatsApp and either meet with them weekly or bi-weekly in a public place, or have a weekly or bi-weekly video chat. These mentors will be there as a neutral party to listen, encourage, and be present. My hope is that some of these allies will become friends, with a bond that can help overcome the darkness that depression brings.

Support | Encouragement | Hope

There will be a few different levels within the organization:

Charlie: Foundational level mentors that assist and support Echoes and Sierras.

Echo: Mentors who check in daily with their ally via WhatsApp, and meet weekly or bi-weekly face-to-face in a public place.

Sierra: Remote mentors who check in daily with their ally via WhatsApp, and meet weekly or bi-weekly via video chat.

Delta: Someone in need of an encouraging, supportive presence.

My intention is to start rolling out a very localized form of the Grey Horse Project in the coming weeks. If you’re interested in participating, please reach out to me at greyhorseproject@gmail.com for more information.

Upcoming Articles & Reviews

I had the great honor to have the chance to review both Unicorn SPiT Metallics and pigment powders, glitters and micas from Pigment Powders Canada! I’ll be posting reviews for both here on Blackwater Confidential, but will also be submitting slightly longer, in depth reviews to Acrylic Pouring.com.

Also in the pipeline: how to choose the right fineliner for you, and how to keep your art passion alive.

My first giveaway!

In February, I’ll do my first ever giveaway! Keep an eye on my Instagram and Facebook accounts (@studioblackwater) for more info.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print. I’m very exited about sharing the Grey Horse Project and my upcoming articles with you all!

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