Black Raven – Commissioned Piece

This piece was commissioned for Black Raven Architects in Adrian, Michigan. The painting was created on a 20×20 stretched canvas using the acrylic pouring method. Then, the paint was sealed with a coat of Polycrylic, and a vinyl cutout of the company’s logo was added along with subtle hints of gold leaf. Another coat of Polycrylic was added, and finally, a thick, glassy coat of resin completed the piece.

I was thrilled to get the chance to use my signature grey, which I callĀ Blackwater Grey, in this piece. Using a combination of cream, white, black and navy blues, Blackwater Grey is a light to medium cool toned hue that is both smooth and deep. Combined with a creamy ivory and deep gold, the peace and calm of this painting paired with the three dimensional appearance of the Black Raven logo is a bold statement piece.

This is a commissioned piece and is not available for sale. If you would like to commission a piece for your home or business, please contact me at