Art Portfolio

There is something very relieving about taking thoughts from your head, and creating a visible work on a piece of paper.

This relief is what drives me. Whether I’m angry or happy, creating a new piece soothes and calms parts of me that have no other outlet. It’s a type of therapy that most humans are born with, a form of self-preservation that is programmed inside of us; intense concentration on something that yields beauty or tragedy forces us to set aside whatever brings us pain and instead, focus on the creative visualization of our thoughts. I like to think of this as defensive creation, a weapon we always carry to shield us from ourselves.

I don’t stick to any one medium. Here, you’ll find flash tattoo-style work as well as abstract acrylic dirty pour pieces. I don’t find that any process is off limits if you’re willing to try it at least one time.

Most pieces in this gallery are available for purchase; if you are interested in a piece or one like it, please use the Contact page to drop me a line!