My name is Sara Wagner, and I am the creative mind behind Studio Blackwater. Welcome!

I was born in Albany, NY and moved with my family quite a bit until we settled in a small town in Upstate, NY. I have always loved to write and draw, and have spent many years trying to find my artistic voice.

Many people have suggested that I sell my artwork, and I have always steadfastly refused; how could I possibly put a price on something that was therapeutic for me to release? I realized that any narrative where I sold my artwork would have to be defined by a greater purpose.

Studio Blackwater operates with a dual purpose; to provide pieces that give the buyer joy, and to provide hope for those who need it most. That’s why I call it “Art for Superheroes”.

Pricing for commissioned pieces, jewelry and original works is dependent on the materials and time used to make the piece; this is the “Art Fee”. Then, take that same price and double it. This is the “Superhero Fee”, and will be donated to a designated charity or family in need. 

I am always happy to donate to charity auctions and events; please contact me at sara@studioblackwater.com to discuss your needs.

There are many who are suffering, and they need our help. They believe that no one cares for them, but you and I know this isn’t true. The goal of Studio Blackwater is to create selfless superheroes, one work of art at a time; with your help, we can do this!