My name is Sara Wagner, and I am the creative mind behind Studio Blackwater. Welcome!

I was born in Albany, NY and moved with my family quite a bit until we settled in a small town in Upstate, NY. I have always loved to write and draw, and have spent many years trying to find my artistic voice.

Many people have suggested that I sell my artwork, and I have always steadfastly refused; how could I possibly put a price on something that was therapeutic for me to release? I realized that any narrative where I sold my artwork would have to be defined by a greater purpose.

Studio Blackwater operates with a dual purpose; to provide pieces that give the buyer joy, and to provide hope for those who need it most. That’s why I call it “Art for Superheroes”.

Pricing is dependent on the materials and time used to make the piece, and is negotiably to a certain extent; this is the “Art Fee”. Then, take that same price and double it. This is the “Superhero Fee”, and will be donated to a charity or family of your choosing. I ask that you privately message me with proof that you have donated, or post on social media with the hashtag #artforsuperheroes, so that I know you have followed through. Once I have received your payment, and you have given me proof of your donation, your artwork will be delivered or sent to you and you’ll have a visual representation of the selflessness you once showed-something I hope will inspire you and everyone you speak to about it to give to those who are less fortunate.

There are many who are suffering, and they need our help. They believe that no one cares for them, but you and I know this isn’t true. The goal of Studio Blackwater is to create selfless superheroes, one work of art at a time; with your help, we can do this!