Month: July 2018

Controlled Chaos: The Acrylic Pouring Technique

If you’ve spent any time on my Facebook, Instagram or if you’re lucky, in my studio, you’ve probably noticed that lately I’ve been obsessed with acrylic pouring. Acrylic pouring is a technique where the artist mixes acrylic paint and a flow extender like Floetrol or even water to create mesmerizing abstract artwork. Some artists even add silicone or … Read More

Why You Need to Buy Art

Alright the title of this sounds a little suspicious because I am an artist that sells art. But, hear me out. As an artist, family and friends constantly ask me for artwork. Typically, I’m happy to just give it to them because a.) I didn’t pay for a formal art education, and b.) it makes me very happy to see people enjoying my … Read More